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At The Shop

Yanfu specializes in the sale, rental, repair, appraisal, restoration and parts for violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows.  In addition, the shop also caries violins, violas, cellos and basses hand-made by the owner.

Yanfu Tong started woodworking by hand in 1969.  After two years he began to build traditional Chinese instruments such as the Yang Ching.  As time passed he also became fascinated with violins, so he started to build them as well.

After four years of experience making violins, which he started in 1974, he became a member of the Dong Hua Men Violin Shop in 1978.  After spending 13 years at Dong Hua Men Violin Shop he decided to come to the Violin-Making School of America and then worked for Peter Paul Prier for seven years before starting his own business.  Currently, Yanfu is making and restoring violins.

See Yanfu Handcraft your Personal Violin, Viola, Bass or Cello…

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